Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two weeks away and the excitement continues to build. This week has a somber mood to it though as we have started saying our goodbyes to friends which quite literally might be the last time we'll see them. Life journeys on to new relationships to shape us and challenge us in new ways I guess. Stacy has begun to become obsessed with selling our stuff on Craigslist which is awesome she has really created for herself a small business. We do look forward to the day when we no longer have to repost our items on Craigslist. We are also over staying home for an appointment with a potential buyer who does not show or have the courtesy to call and let us know of thier disinterest in our items. We are almost ready to move...physically by having most of our packing done and emotionally by saying our good byes to friends and family. Stacy and I celebrated one year of marriage this past week. Unbelievable how fast it has gone. It has been an awesome year and we are truly looking forward to the years ahead of us. We went down to Charlotte to IKEA and had dinner the other night. We found an awesome dinning room table for the apartment and maybe a sofa too. That store is so neat with all their creative ways to organize your living space. Well we are in our last couple of weeks as North Carolinians and we hope that Chicago brings us just as much fun and adventure as we found here. Thanks for Reading Guys...We'll miss Y'all.

The Hobans 

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