Sunday, August 23, 2009

100 Miles later....

So Stacy and I have arrived and are almost all the way settled into Chicago now. We have had a busy 3 weeks here. We both have started work at our new Starbucks stores and it has been an interesting change for sure. It is different to work at such a large company that should have set standards across the board but when you go from store to store things are so very different and unique. In the Chicagoland area Starbucks instead of saying "with room" everyone calls out and says "roomy" and if a customer wants milk on top of coffee or iced coffee they call out a "non fat topper".. these are just a few of the many adjustments in our work world we have had to make so far. I really enjoy my store as awhole though the partners I work with are all awesome and everyone down here has been with Starbucks forever. I am coming up on four years and I thought I had been around a while but 4 other partners at my store have been with Starbucks for seven years or longer. Crazyiness I know. Stacy and I have also purchased new bikes. I am riding a SE Lager with a flip flop hub so I can ride single speed or fixed gear which is pretty cool. Stacy is riding some sort of Redline with a flip flop hub as well. I just crossed the 100 miles marker on my bike odometer which is crazy to think I have put that many miles on it in less than the three weeks that I have owned it. Everyone here bikes and it is awesome to see them all out riding around. Our dogs have finally adjusted as well. We pretty much had to re potty train the both of them so the first few days were "messy". Josh and Josie are quickly making friends though there is a chow downstairs named Max that they have seemed to take a liking too. Stacy and I have made some friends too. We met a couple at church last week named Jeff and Melissa and at school I met this awesome Canadian (I hope Theresa is reading this) named Michael and his wife Brittany. The three of us walked around down town yesterday afternoon and I got a fist-bump from a homeless dude in a wheel chair that wanted to race me on my bike. It was pretty awesome. Anyways I will post some pictures soon. Sorry for the long delay in posting. Pray for me as I start actual class tomorrow 18 credits here I come.

Thanks for Reading.

The Hobans