Thursday, July 23, 2009


It has definitely hit the fan. We have absolutely zero free time for ourselves and our sanity is waning because of it. It seems that every free moment of our lives is spent planning out our move or tying up the loose ends of North Carolina. It also appears there are many hidden tasks underneath the completion of a task on our list. For example we sold one of our cars (my Jeep) and we just thought we had to sell it and not think/worry about anything else. WRONG. We have to cash the check then write another check to our bank with the loan and then in turn turn our license plate into the DMV and cancel our car insurance (chaotic). We are looking forward to the end of this vicious transition to Chicago. Please keep our sanity in your thoughts and prayers. As a side note we are excited about getting some new furniture. We have been pricing couches, televisions, media-stands, you name it for our new place that we have yet to see. It should be awesome well I guess it is back to work. 

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The Hobans


  1. I've been waiting for another blog? Too busy? Are you here? How do u like it? Do u need anything? I miss u! Luv mom

  2. New #'s, address? facebook? Email? Any form of communication will make me happy I'm at still have the same #'s and address Guess I'll have to come find u I'm a very good detective u know HAHA luv ya

  3. Ry it's called trudging the road to happy destiny You've done great so far so just imagine how it wii be in another year or two or ten Im very proud of what you have become and you have always had a free spirit and always will you could live out of a cardboard box for real!!You have a beautiful wife and 2 puppies and alot to do in a short amount of time but it will all work out it always does! miss u both Goodnight