Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Beginnings

I figured with all the new changes going on in Stacy and my life we needed a way to stay connected to everyone who has influenced our journey thus far in our lives. So we have entered the realm of blogging, well at least I have on our behalf (Ryan). We are stoked to have this opportunity to move back to the midwest. Even more exciting is the transition from suburbia living to the city life, no cars, public transportation, biking, groceries around the corner etc. We are also a little nervous for those very same reasons. If you are reading this blog and are the praying type, pray for us as we transition into this new world. It should be a fun journey. We still have a lot to do though, sell both cars, our bed, furniture, washer and dryer etc. We are u to the challenge though. What would we have done without the invention of Craigslist? Today alone we sold our two end table lamps and a bookcase. (For you praying types again) Please pray that we sell enough of our stuff to be able to fit everything we own in one car load that is our goal. Anyways we are excited to reconnect with friends and family alike back in the midwest. I am personally excited to be studying at Moody Bible Institute, the reason we are moving for those of you who didn't know. It should be pretty awesome doing life in the heart of a cultural center like Chicago.  We will miss it here in North Carolina the friendships and memories will not be forgotten but the excitement of making new ones lingers now (similar to the feeling of going on vacation the night before when you just can't sleep your so excited that is how these next two months will feel like I imagine).  Chicago here we come.

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  1. Hurray! Now I can creepily keep track of you over the interweb!